Katherine and Jane Welsh Hall

1021 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson, MD 21286, USA

This contemporary residence hall features suites and apartment-style living quarters, spacious kitchens and common areas, and a large, built-in classroom.


Upcoming Events

Bad Movie Club

Bad Movie Club 11/18 7pm

Contact Noah Lieberman for more information

Sign Language Club

Sign Language Club 11/21 9:30pm

Contact Evanthia Boling for more information. Meetings start at 9 p.m.

Goucher Improv Club

Goucher Improv Club 11/22 5:30pm

Contact Langston Cotman and Ethan Fogel for more information

Reverend's Rebels

Reverend's Rebels 11/22 7pm

Contact Isabella Klein for more information

Red Hot Blue

Red Hot Blue 11/22 9pm

Contact Thomas Christopher Elliot (Chris Elliot) for more information.

Recent Events

Brovado 11/16/2017

Goucher Salsa Club 11/16/2017

Red Hot Blue 11/15/2017

Reverend's Rebels 11/15/2017

Goucher Improv Club 11/15/2017

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