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Seating 995 in a continental pattern that affords an excellent view of the stage from any seat in the house, Kraushaar Auditorium is perfect for medium- to large-scale concerts, dance performances, and theater productions



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56th Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Lecture-Performance

56th Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg... 2/28 7:00pm

Goucher College is thrilled to present the featured artist for the 56th Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Lecture-Performance: Rising star classical...

Joint Goucher College Orchestra and Choirs Concert

Joint Goucher College Orchestra and Choirs Concert 4/21 8:00pm

The Goucher College Orchestra, under the direction of Associate Professor of Music Elisa Koehler, and the Goucher College Choirs, under the direction of...

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Linda Barone

Linda Barone left a positive review 10/1/2015

I was great to have Gail on campus reading from her new work. I wasn't previously familiar with her work and really enjoyed reading one of her books in preparation for the talk.

Tracy Staples

Tracy Staples left a positive review 4/20/2015

Alexander provided a very clear lens with which to view the current state of America's racist prison culture. With both quantitative and qualitative data, I imagine every attendee left this event well informed of both the present state of our culture as well as the revolution necessary to reform it.

Marty Sweidel

Marty Sweidel left a positive review 4/17/2015


Jacob Lang

Jacob Lang left a negative review 4/14/2015

It was bullshit. Cancelled 2 hours before and easily one of the most exciting people Goucher has tried to bring.

Tracy Staples

Tracy Staples left a positive review 2/4/2015

Powell is an incredible force on the stage: charming, amusing, human, and inspirational. I felt honored to hear from his valuable experiences and well-earned wisdom. I would happily attend any other events where he was a speaker.

Tracy Staples

Tracy Staples left a review 2/26/2015

It is clear that Hrabowski is a skilled speaker, one who has had much experience and who has absorbed some of the charm and passion of the great speakers he was exposed to early in his life. However, I found his inability or unwillingness to answer questions from the audience without merely returning to things he had already said frustrating and disappointing. The effect was as if he had no other prepared statements to make, and thus had nothing more to offer.

Cynthia Evans

Cynthia Evans left a positive review 11/14/2014

The first dance we loved, just beautiful. The 2nd one was full of emotion and I was brought to a tear. The 3rd one even more emotional and of course, I cried. So deeply touched, the dancers were fantastic and the dances were so well done! The fourth dance was very good and so was the fifth, loved the colorful costumes but the expression in the dancers movements extremely graceful. The 6th was good. Overall, my daughter and I loved the ballets and the modern dances, it was very impressive. Thank you for a wonderful evening!

Pamela Flinton

Pamela Flinton left a positive review 1/25/2014

Fantastic. Loved the dancing in the aisles.

Elizabeth Bouruet-Aubertot

Elizabeth Bouruet-Aubertot left a review 3/28/2012

Stayed for only the first few minutes of the talk. Liked what Mr. Brooks had to say.

Jiwon Park

Jiwon Park left a positive review 3/28/2012

Great speech!

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