Batza Room of the Athenaeum

The Athenaeum is the flagship building of our campus—a physical hub that is also the figurative heart of our academic community. The building is a high-tech library, a public forum, classrooms, a café, an art gallery, a radio station, a center for community service, a place to meet and converse, and many other spaces—all in one.

1021 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson, MD 21204, USA



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Rudy Francisco/DewMore Baltimore Youth Poetry Festival

The DewMore Baltimore Poetry Festival this year (at DCAC, downtown) features Rudy Francisco as headliner, and he'll also be doing a masterclass on Goucher's...

4/21 10am
First-Year Lgbtqia Student Initiative Dinner: Reception

What a semester! You've worked yourselves to the bone and need a break from slapping your books and cursing your computers. What better way to relax downhill...

5/3 4:30pm
Recovering a Lost World:  Epsom Farm, 1772-1921

The Goucher College Library and Historic Preservation Program invite you to learn about the exciting discoveries that public history students have made in...

5/8 5:30pm
International Senior Reception 2018

Goucher has had international students and students who strongly identify as having an international background for a number of years. The Center for Race,...

5/9 4:30pm
Phoenix Senior Reception 2018

The Goucher Phoenix Program was established in the Fall of 2016, as a four-year program to support first-generation and/or low- incomes through their...

5/11 4:30pm

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Center of Race Equity and Identity

Center of Race Equity and Identity posted a photo 2/20/2018

Maren Stunes

Maren Stunes posted a photo 4/17/2017

Isabella Louis

Isabella Louis left a positive review 4/6/2017

An amazing reading by an inspiringly warm writer.

Micah Heaney

Micah Heaney left a positive review 2/2/2017

Excellent presentation. Articulate and informative without being overwhelming. There was clearly a wealth of research behind the event, and presenters were able to recognize the history without coveting it. Multiple angles were celebrated and respected. Fantastic slideshow graphics. Same with the library display. I appreciated the fluidity among presenters and their variety and, of course, passion. Superb, memorable event.

Pamela Flinton

Pamela Flinton left a positive review 10/1/2014

Excellent. While I could only stay for the initial portion, the folding was very engaging.

Pamela Flinton

Pamela Flinton left a positive review 10/2/2013

The speaker was outstanding. Very engaging.

Batza Room of the Athenaeum

Batza Room of the Athenaeum posted a photo 8/25/2010

Batza Room of the Athenaeum

Batza Room of the Athenaeum posted a photo 8/25/2010