Thursday, November 22

Collapsed Coordinates

Collapsed Coordinates is a two-person exhibition, featuring photography and sculpture by Beki Basch (Baltimore, MD) and Jacob Zimmerman (Newark, DE). Basch...

Piece Work

Piece Work is a group exhibition featuring five artists who assemble significant paintings, sculptures and installations from a cumulation of smaller parts. ...

Students ONLY Pilates Classes

Empower the mind, body and spirit. The Pilates Center at Goucher is holding a students ONLY class in the fall on Thursdays at 12pm. This class is $5 and...


Combining resistance, cardio, and core training for 4 exhausting and exciting 5-minute kick-butt combos.

Board Gaming Club

For more information contact Amanda Boone.

Club Council

For more information contact John Nobriga.

Introductory Weight Lifting- Free/Drop in

Are you thinking about adding some resistance to your routine, new to lifting and want some reassurance, an experienced lifter who just wants to lift with...

Walk the Labyrinth

Goucher has two labyrinths, one outdoor and one indoor. Stop by Heubeck Multipurpose Room on Thursday nights to walk the indoor labyrinth—let yourself slow...

Goucher Film Club

For more information contact Scott (Sandy) Wilbur.

Thursday, November 22