Monday, November 5

Level 1 Pilates Mat Class

The perfect intro class for anyone interested in Pilates. Group mat focuses on the mat sequences developed by Joseph H. Pilates.

Collapsed Coordinates

Collapsed Coordinates is a two-person exhibition, featuring photography and sculpture by Beki Basch (Baltimore, MD) and Jacob Zimmerman (Newark, DE). Basch...

Piece Work

Piece Work is a group exhibition featuring five artists who assemble significant paintings, sculptures and installations from a cumulation of smaller parts. ...

International Games Day

Enjoy board games from across the globe and set overseas! For more information, please contact Amanda Boone, President of the Board Game Club, at...

Eco Team

For more information, please contact Katherine Longabaugh.

Accommodate This!

Meeting the 1st & 3rd Monday of the month, Accommodate This! is exclusively for students who self-identify as disabled/having disabilities, including but...

Club Council

For more information contact John Nobriga.

K Pop Dance Club

For more information contact Audrey Maxwell.

Monday, November 5