Tuesday, September 22

Ajay Kurian: Polyphemus, solo exhibition in Silber Gallery

Ajay Kurian is a Baltimore-born, New York-based, conceptual artist working in sculpture, painting, and installation. His invitation to Goucher as the Nancy...

Saskia Fleishman, left, Emily Mason, right

Collaged Horizons Rosenberg Gallery September 18 – November 30, 2020 Saskia Fleishman and Emily Mason Collaged Horizons presents the work of two...

Online Research Help: Instant Messaging, Texting, Zoom Chats

You're online and your librarians are too! We're online and ready to answer your questions via instant message, texting, Zoom chat, and email too. If you're...

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Fresh Check Day - Nine Out of Ten Booth!

Learn how to identify the warning signs and support students who may be having suicidal thoughts. Pledge to be aware, speak up, and reach out!

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ACE Fall Workshop Series: Resilience and CBUPO (Part 1) and Draw Your Yes Circle (Part 2)

RESILIENCE and CBUPO (Part 1) With Anne Davis and Stacie Farley, Academic Coaches In this workshop, we take a look at the elements of CBUPO—competence,...

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GoucherFit: SHRED w/ Mary

GopherSHRED combines strength, cardio, and core training into four speedy and sweaty circuits with new moves and groovy playlists every class! All...

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GoucherFit: Bootcamp w/ Julia

Bootcamp is a 30 minute class where you can sweat it out. The class is composed of 4 rounds of 5-7 exercises that can be done anywhere by anyone! The class...

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GoucherFit: Yoga w/ Natalie

This class is a gentle yoga sequence for beginners and advanced students. We start with a meditiation and venture into stretches that restore and relax your...

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Tuesday, September 22