Friday, March 3


This 4-person exhibit includes the work of painter Sharon Butler (NY), interdisciplinary artist Giulia Livi (MD), sculptures by Sookkyung Park (MD), and...

Studio Art Adjunct Faculty Exhibition immeasurable

Art exhibition of Goucher College's Studio Art Adjunct Faculty, immeasurable. Exhibition includes the work of Selina Doroshenko, Ian Jackson, Dara Lorenzo...

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week - Renfrew Talking Circle

We strive to find purpose and worth in life, figuring out who we really are, who we want to be, and how we want to be perceived by the world around us....

Piano Scrapbook with Kendall Kennison

Goucher music professor Kendall Kennison shares music from his Piano Album, pieces written, journal-style, since 2016, along with music by Haydn and Pejačević.

Friday, March 3