Baltimore's Food Apartheid

Interventions in Media and Design with Memefest and Black Yield Institute

Baltimore’s Food Apartheid, a series of extradisciplinary workshops and interventions into the politics of food, will be held at Goucher College November 4-22, 2019. The workshops combine the insights and resources of the international media and design network Memefest and Baltimore’s Black Yield Institute, an organization working toward developing community control of food resources. Workshops in photography, audio production, graphic and book design, social media, and multimedia production will produce material for BYI’s communication campaign toward food sovereignty for black communities in Baltimore. Other associated events include an on-campus cooking demonstration that reflects upon food’s relationship to advertising, a screening of local documentaries on Baltimore’s racially-inflected food politics, and a screening of Agnes Varda’s documentary The Gleaners and I.

Concurrently, Goucher’s Corrin Gallery is hosting the exhibition Serving Food Justice, showing specially curated works from Memefest’s book Food Democracy and local groups’ efforts to provide healthy, equitable food distribution, and to combat Food Apartheid – the racial structuring of the growing, distribution, and sale of food, leading to a lack of healthy food alternatives in Baltimore’s black neighborhoods. The workshops, events, and exhibition are open to all Goucher students -- critical, experimental, and speculative experiences to use art and media to address the opportunities to defeat Food Apartheid and create food sovereignty imbued with environmental and cultural respect, nutrition education, skills-building, and community development.

Memefest is the Sherman Fairchild Foundation Visiting Artist for Interdisciplinary Digital Arts in 2019-20 at Goucher College. The workshops are also supported by the Sweren-Wogan Institute, and the screening of deserted and Baltimore’s Strange Fruit is supported by the Robertson Lectureship Fund.

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This Calendar of Events is a reflection of the evolving nature of the Memefest visit. Please check for updates.

Wednesday, Oct. 23: Screening of deserted and Baltimore’s Strange Fruit (excerpt) with discussion: Emily Stubb, Eric Jackson, Emily Billo, and Gabe Dinsmoor -7:30 in Merrick Lecture Hall

Monday, Oct.28: Serving Food Justice opens - Corrin Gallery in Meyerhoff

Thursday, Oct. 31: BYI HallowGreen in Cherry Hill

Saturday, Nov. 2: BYI Black Harvest community festival in Cherry Hill

Monday, Nov. 4: FYS Photo: Introduction to Memefest

Tuesday, Nov. 5: CPE (both sections): Intro to Memefest and BYI;
--World Cinema screening w/ discussion – The Gleaners and I

Wednesday, Nov. 6: FYS Photo: Photography and Food Apartheid;
--Memefest workshop for Corrin Gallery - 1:15-2:30 in Meyerhoff lobby

Thursday, Nov. 7: Photo 1: Introduction to Memefest and BYI

Friday, Nov. 8: Audio Production: recording reflections on Food Apartheid and Food Sovereignty - 4:00-5:00 in the Goucher Student Radio Studio - Athenaeum

Monday, Nov. 11: FYS Photo: Social Media and Photography

Tuesday, Nov. 12: CPE (2 sections): Making the work

Wednesday, Nov. 13: FYS Photo: Making the work;
--Advanced Photographic Practices: Social Media and Photography

CANCELED: Friday, Nov. 15: Cooking demonstration: Flour + Water + Advertising Design, w/ Oliver Vodeb and Goucher’s own Johanna Zipp - 4:00-5:30 in Fireside Demo Kitchen

Monday, Nov. 18: FYS Photo: Making the work;
--Advanced Photographic Practices: Photography & Design in the Era of Photoshop and Fakery

Tuesday, Nov. 19: CPE (2 sections): Making the Work;
--Serving Food Justice Gallery Reception and Workshop – 5:00 pm in the Meyerhoff lobby

Wednesday, Nov. 20: FYS Photo: Making the work

Friday, Nov. 22: The Big Finish: projects completion, reflection, celebration – location TBA

Classroom locations and meeting times are found below.

Also hang with Memefest at the entrance of Mary Fisher Hall, much of the time when workshops are not happening.


FYS 100.002: Power of Photography
Laura Burns MW 10:40 -12:30 MAC 106

CPEA 251 Socially Engaged Art
Pam Thompson T/TH 9:30-11:20

Practices for Environmental Justice
T/TH 11:30-1:20 MAC 201

COM 342 World Cinema
Maria San Filippo T/TH 1:30-3:20 Kelley Lecture

ART 201.001 Photography 1
Laura Burns T/TH 1:30-3:20 MAC 106

ART 375 Advanced Photo Practices
Laura Burns M/W 2:40-4:30 MAC 106

Friday, November 22, 2019

Goucher Campus 1021 Dulaney Valley Road, Baltimore, MD 21204

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