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Saskia Fleishman, left, Emily Mason, right

Collaged Horizons Rosenberg Gallery September 18 – November 30, 2020 Saskia Fleishman and Emily Mason Collaged Horizons presents the work of two...

GoucherFit: SHRED w/ Mary

GopherSHRED combines strength, cardio, and core training into four speedy and sweaty circuits with new moves and groovy playlists every class! All...

10/22 4:15pm
Virtual Event
GoucherFit: Bootcamp w/ Julia

Bootcamp is a 30 minute class where you can sweat it out. The class is composed of 4 rounds of 5-7 exercises that can be done anywhere by anyone! The class...

10/22 5:30pm
Virtual Event
GoucherFit: Yoga w/ Lauren

Connect with your mind, body, and spirit through an invigorating vinyasa yoga practice. Use of breath work and different yoga poses will guide us in this...

10/22 6:30pm
Virtual Event
GoucherFit: Barre with Becky

Barre is a full body practice that is inspired by ballet, pilates, and yoga. We will move through high repititions of controlled movement, followed by...

10/26 4pm
Virtual Event
GoucherFit HIIT w/ Kiara

High intensity interval training is a short, effective, four circuit workout that boosts your energy and gets you sweating without any equipment! Each...

10/26 5:15pm
Virtual Event
GoucherFit: Yoga w/ Natalie

This class is a gentle yoga sequence for beginners and advanced students. We start with a meditiation and venture into stretches that restore and relax your...

10/27 7pm
Virtual Event