Campus Agriculture Co-op

Our mission is to raise awareness on campus of the benefits of sustainable agriculture through a specific composting and gardening project. We hope to reduce the amount of unproductive waste generated by Goucher by composting food waste from the dining hall kitchens and using this compost to aid the growing of herbs which are then purchased by Bon Appetit. This creates a sustainable life cycle supported by and occurring on Goucher's campus. We hope that by starting on a small scale we create a working model for the growth of this program. Possible goals for the future include:

  • To compost all of Goucher's organic waste including the garbage removed directly from the eating areas on campus.
  • To develop a year-long growing program that produces a larger quantity of herbs and vegetables to be used in Goucher dining halls.
  • To build a community of faculty, staff, and students dedicated to making Goucher an institution that actively works to support the local environment.
  • To integrate Goucher more fully in the surrounding Baltimore community by establishing connections with local farms such as One Straw Farm.

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