Goucher Environmental Sustainability Advisory Council (GESAC)

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Goucher has embarked on a far-reaching campaign to promote environmental sustainability -- not only through its co-curricular activities, but also through its academic programs, including a new requirement that every student complete a course in ecology or environmental policy

During the next two years, the college also will institute a step-by-step plan to become climate neutral in accordance with the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment that Sanford J. Ungar signed in summer 2007.

Goucher's administration hasn't acted alone, however. Over the past few years students have developed programs and projects to begin and monitor the college's recycling program; to raise awareness about the importance of carbon-neutrality policies on campus; and to start a composting program, organic garden, and greenhouse production at Goucher.

To fulfill its commitment to environmental sustainability and to maintain the momentum created by the student groups, Goucher has created an official environmental advisory council, consisting of students, faculty, and staff members.

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