Hyman Forum of the Athenaeum

Modeled after the amphitheatres of Europe, the Hyman Forum is a wide-open space configured to host various kinds of readings, performances, panel discussions, and other public events. It can accommodate crowds of varying sizes as they accumulate on the steps and seating areas to observe and participate in the programs and events. Video monitors around the forum enable visitors to watch unfolding world events, films, simulcasts of campus events, and other footage.

1021 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson, MD 21204, USA



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14th annual Jewell Robinson Dinner

Recognizing the history and celebrating the achievements of Goucher’s African American alumnae/i! The Alumnae & Alumni of Goucher College (AAGC) and the...

2/21 6pm

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Molly Margulies

Molly Margulies posted a photo 4/3/2019

Ramona Baker

Ramona Baker left a negative review 5/3/2017

They were wonderful but the location just didn't work. It's not practical or possible to have quiet meditation in the middle of the Athenaeum. That space was not designed to be quiet or contemplative. It would have been so much better in the Batza Room for example

Linda Bruce

Linda Bruce posted a photo 5/4/2017

Kay Beard

Kay Beard posted a photo 4/21/2017

Emily Perl

Emily Perl left a positive review 9/27/2016

It was a super informative event that looked at the issue of Food Justice from a number of different, important perspectives.

Katherine Choe

Katherine Choe left a positive review 10/2/2015

Very global and vibrant. Amazingly talented musicians too.

Christina Kim

Christina Kim posted a photo 11/17/2014

Pamela Flinton

Pamela Flinton left a positive review 2/3/2014

I enjoyed it. A different type of venue for me, but worth the time.

Lydia Truitt

Lydia Truitt left a positive review 2/28/2012

Amazing speaker

Jiwon Park

Jiwon Park left a positive review 4/4/2012