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Kelley Lecture Hall, part of the Hoffberger Science Building.

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Financial Wellness: How Money Works

Join us for a fun and informative talk about how money works! We'll cover how to get out of debt, how and where to save & invest, and budgeting tips with...

10/2 1:30am
Hubble Observations of the Solar System

The Hubble Space Telescope has been on an unparalleled scientific tour-de-force since its launch in 1990. Today's presenter - Max Mutchler – has been on...

10/24 10am

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Sam Klock

Sam Klock left a positive review 11/3/2016

The speaker was great!

Lydia Truitt

Lydia Truitt left a positive review 2/27/2012

Interesting film - the cider/cookies were a nice touch.

Elizabeth Bouruet-Aubertot

Elizabeth Bouruet-Aubertot left a positive review 2/16/2012

Loved the movie!

Lydia Truitt

Lydia Truitt left a positive review 2/22/2012

This was a great talk! Very entertaining and informative!

Maggie McGinnis

Maggie McGinnis left a negative review 3/3/2011

There was no info on when the movie was showing on the site, so I didn't attend. Sadly.

Kelley Lecture Hall

Kelley Lecture Hall posted a photo 8/25/2010