Silber Art Gallery, the Athenaeum

The Silber Art Gallery meets a need that had gone unfilled at Goucher for too long. The gallery provides a secure space to display the college’s permanent collection as well as hosts a range of programming , from the traditional to the experimental, featuring the work of students and emerging artists, as well as established names.

1021 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson, MD 21204, USA



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Jessie Callaghan

Jessie Callaghan left a positive review 2/9/2011

I enjoyed the variation of artists and their different perspective on how they integrated insects into their work. This ranged from a kinesthetic experience to the standard portrait. The inspiration insects was sometimes even collaborative, using live ants to produce an ever changing piece of pattern reminded me of the intimacy between subject and artist. Talia Green particularly had an interesting portrait setting in which the use of bees overlapping the same photo could change the viewers perspective of that persons personality. It seamed to me Greene was showing, in her own way, how the relationship with insects can completely change you.

Silber Art Gallery, the Athenaeum

Silber Art Gallery, the Athenaeum posted a photo 8/25/2010